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Celebrating Diversity in the Babson Community: Meet Babson Black MBA


Racial equality in higher education has been making headlines over the past few weeks; it’s no secret that diversity in education, specifically on the graduate level, can sometimes be hard to come by. Hearing the words “Black MBA” can be a little daunting to those who aren’t…well…Black. But the Babson Black MBA (BBMBA) club on campus is not here to create exclusivity or avoid diversity here at Babson; in fact, it’s here to do the opposite.

“Membership in the BBMBA is open to everyone and will provide students with opportunities to network with colleagues, faculty, alumni, entrepreneurs and business leaders for professional development and employment opportunities industry wide,” said the club’s representatives.

The BBMBA leadership team itself is quite diverse…

Frederick Horlali Tsa, the president of BBMBA, is originally from Ghana; Flora Ekpe-Idang, the VP of Events and Outreach, is from New Jersey; Mark Gagliard, VP of Finance, is from Lynnfield, Massachusetts; and Jennifer Pierre, VP of Marketing, and Andrea Reeves, VP of Alumni Connections, are both from Florida. The team represents different backgrounds, ethnicities, and passions — but what unites them is a passion for equality, acceptance, and opportunity to excel for all people, especially those who have been previously suppressed by society. BBMBA strives to create a community that values diversity and accepts the responsibility to empower minority students, whether they are a part of Babson’s community now or simply interested in joining the Babson family.

In a series of posts to follow, each BBMBA member will be sharing a little bit about his or her background, as well as a topic surrounding diversity that’s close to their heart…If the topic of diversity at Babson interests you, or you are a prospective student curious as to how you’ll fit in here at Babson, don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of the BBMBA team!

Keep up with Babson Black MBA on their Facebook page.