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Preparing for your MBA admissions interview

Round 1 of interviews at Babson is in full swing. The Graduate Admissions suite is full of candidates all day – excited and sometimes nervous. It’s a great time of the year!

We know very well how thrilling and anxiety-inducing receiving your MBA admissions invite can be. You made it to the interview round. Now what? Here are some suggestions regarding possible ways to prepare for your interview:

  1. Know yourself. Know your motivation. Babson is such a unique place and we value diversity of all kinds. There is no one specific profile we look for in a candidate. So go back to the soul-searching you did when you were considering going to business school and revisit the reasons you would like to pursue an MBA at Babson.
  2. What will you get? What will you bring? Think about the benefits of getting a holistic and rigorous MBA training. How will you benefit from it? Then reflect on the type of community Babson is. What will you bring to the table that will enrich it?
  3. What is your story? How will you tell it? We know you have a great story. We know you have examples of leadership. Think hard about what they are and how to present them in a succinct yet powerful way. Practice. Practice some more. But beware of sounding rehearsed. The purpose of practice is to make the mechanics of telling the story get out of the way.
  4. Honesty and integrity are paramount. Yes, I did suggest you prepare well, think of solid examples and practice. No, this doesn’t mean embellishment of any kind is allowed. Honesty and a measure of humility are essential qualities for any entrepreneurial leader.

Good luck!


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