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Graduate Students Visit Boston Companies

Babson MBA students on LogMeIn’s award winning rooftop
Babson MBA students on LogMeIn’s award winning rooftop

What does a rapidly growing tech company, a startup in email tracking and a large inbound marketing company have in common? Nap rooms! This fall Graduate CCD was on the road with MBA students to learn about some of the hottest Boston area businesses including HubSpot, LogMeIn and Yesware. While on tour students had the chance to walk around the office space, getting a taste for the company culture, and sit with product managers, business analysts, marketing professionals and even CEO’s to dive deep into their day-to-day, learn about their personal career choices and ask some really #greatquestions! Each trek was unique and gave the employer a wonderful opportunity to both brand themselves and get introduced to a talented pool of potential candidates for their pipelines.

Nap Room

One of the many nap rooms we came across

Trek Design

Groups ranged from 10-30 students depending on the company’s capacity and visits lasted for up to two hours. Most treks kicked off with an office tour and ended with a panel discussion and Q&A. In most cases, Babson alumni joined as keynote speakers and panelists. Treks did not necessarily align with any job or internship openings, however, if a hiring need existed a recruiter would discuss these openings and describe the application process.

 Students meet with CEO of Boundless, Ariel Diaz, at Valore

The founder of Boundless, Ariel Diaz, chatting with Babson MBAs during a trek to Valore

Babson MBA Profile

Babson’s eclectic student profile was demonstrated on the treks as students asked questions from a variety of perspectives. For example, Babson MBAs have experience as entrepreneurs, engineers, sales professionals, consultants, educators, investment bankers, and brand managers and have, on average, 3-5 years of work experience. This variety in professional experience contributed to dynamic conversations between our students and their hosts. Resume books were put together and sent to each employer beforehand. Check out some of the pictures and if you are interested in hosting a Babson trek this spring please reach out to!