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Summer Friday mornings in Olin are definitely not quiet!

I often get asked if I have summer off or people just assume I do. On the contrary, summer is a very busy time for the Graduate Admissions team – we just welcomed the One-Year MBA class of 2016 a few weeks ago. They are an impressive group of students and they are busy! This is a picture from a few minutes ago when I caught a glimpse of their work in the Entrepreneurship and Opportunity class taking place in the Design Zone 125. I wish the picture could also capture the cool upbeat music they were working to!

One-Year MBAs at the Design Zone

MBA candidates often don’t know we offer a One-Year MBA for those who have already studied business or management as undergraduates. We do and it’s a great way to accelerate your learning and complete your MBA in just 12 months. And we are already working with candidates who are preparing to apply this fall so please be in touch as you start working on your application or just come and meet us – and the students! – at the next visitor program on July 21.


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