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On Campus Housing: Graduate Life at Woodside

A much awaited expose on student life in Babson’s on campus graduate housing – Woodside.

Woodside graduate housing accommodates 40 students from the One Year and Two Year MBA program on a first come first serve basis. To the incoming batch of 2016 and 2017 who are struggling to make the decision between on campus and residential housing and to the rest who have always either dreamt or dissed of getting a spot here, here goes!

woodside1From global cuisine pot lunches, Woodside after parties, dorm room start ups, snow tournaments in the midst of snowstorms, joint study sessions, grocery shopping picnics, entourage of doctors and nurses in times of sickness, to the “Who Moved My Cheese” & “Who Moved My Laundry” fights we’ve got it all. Your personal version of a 24/7 glamorous show!

The location of Woodside has always been a controversial and touchy topic. With its elaborate distance of 15 miles from the city that is the one thing that has and will always remain one of the most sensitive issues closest to a Woodsider’s heart. On the up side, we heal our burn of our long distance relationship to Boston with Woodside’s close proximity of 10 minutes to all graduate class buildings, a place to crash in the middle of classes, the taste of fresh food, never having to worry about forgetting something in the dorm, having the golden opportunity of being the one excited graduate student who is present at all campus events be it a food expo or an employer information session.


If you’re somebody who likes being around people and experiencing different cultures to the maximum this is definitely the place to be. On the other hand, if personal space is high up on your priority list and if you love the city lights and cannot stay without then well, “Warning: Dangerous surf, enter at your own risk.”


Let’s hear what some of our Woodsiders have to say:

“If you enjoy having good company while cooking and good conversation over food, this is the place. I have the luck to have such great people living here, it feels like a family.” – Carlos Higueros, One Year MBA Student ‘2015

“I like it in Woodside. It’s close to class. Love the people. I wouldn’t leave unless I have to.” – Varun Ramdevan, Two Year MBA Student ‘2016

“Dead and boring. Captured in a cage.” – Prateek Chabbra, One Year MBA Student ‘2015