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Four Interview Tips

This week the Graduate Admissions suite in Olin Hall has been such a busy place! Every day we have dozens of Round 2 candidates coming for their admissions interview. This interview intense period will continue over the next couple of weeks so I thought I would offer 4 quick tips to anyone who is unsure what to expect or is outright nervous about their admissions interview:

1) Why do we interview? Babson is a small community of very engaged students where teamwork and collaboration are a major part of your MBA experience and growth. Fit is extremely important to us. We want to know how you will engage and what you will contribute.

2) How will you know if you are selected for an interview? Invitations go out by email and are posted on your Babson Bridge.  Make sure to check both and check frequently as interview invites are going out in batches at different times of the week.

3) How long is the interview? You should expect 30-45 mins of questions in a somewhat conversational format. There will also be some time allotted for you to ask questions at the end.

4) How should you prepare? Know the main points you want to make. Have solid examples. Practice so you can be articulate and concise. Follow the interviewer’s lead. Most importantly – know your story and how to link your experience, skills and knowledge into a cohesive picture.

If you think this is helpful – leave a comment to let me know. And good luck on your interview!


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