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What’s new at Babson San Francisco?

Last week, I was fortunate to spend a couple of days at Babson’s San Francisco campus! There was a lot going on at 135 Main Street this week. The San Francisco alumni holiday party took place on Wednesday. We hosted 60 alumni and some current students from our undergraduate and MBA programs.

San Francisco - Holiday Party

On Friday and Saturday, there were face-to-face sessions for the students from two Blended Learning MBA cohorts. The two days the students spend on campus every seven weeks are an intense but very productive time. Even lunch break was a time for teamwork and case discussion. We would be happy to have you join us for one of our Blended Learning visitor programs if you would like to experience what being a Blended Learning MBA students feels like. And stay tuned for news about our next Blended Learning Test-It-Out class in San Francisco – we will be announcing the next edition of this special program for qualified prospective students shortly after the start of the New Year.


San Francisco



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