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A new voice to the Babson Graduate Blog

Dear friends,

I’m happy to be talking with you as the incoming Editor of Babson’s Graduate Life Blog. The Graduate School is made up of one-year, first and second year, part time, and blended learning MBA classes. We also have the MS in Accounting and MS in Management programs. Our approximate enrollment is 1200 students comprising the Babson Graduate student body.

As an MBA student, quite often I am asked for an opinion of the Babson Graduate programs. In my answer, there is the standard base; that nearly all rankings will agree on Babson as world renowned for its teaching of Entrepreneurship. Babson’s well known reputation likely played a role in drawing each of us here to some extent. That being said, the aspect which truly defines this MBA experience for me is the proportion of learning that happens from talking with my classmates. On any given day my regular conversations are influenced by entrepreneurial perspectives from Australia, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Lebanon, Japan, Taiwan and the list goes on to the extent that I have gained some entrepreneurial insight into well over 20 countries as of recently. The sharing of ideas is pervasive at Babson, and the richness of our collective entrepreneurial experience is second to none.

Of course we are not without our areas for improvement. Given the many languages spoken here, we inevitably have some communication challenges, but this mostly requires more patient listening and I estimate that many of us have learned words of another language in the process.

I’ve really enjoyed the Babson MBA so far and I look forward to sharing some of those experiences and conversations through this blog.

Hope you’ll come back and frequent the page,

Janco Damas, Incoming Editor