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A Part-Time Path to Full-Time Success

If you are considering getting an MBA while remaining in the work force full-time, then, undoubtedly, one question you face is what part-time program is right for you. And if your work schedule makes it challenging to commit to attending classes on campus on a weekly basis, then you need a program that provides appropriate academic rigor but delivers the curriculum through tools that make it easier to attend. Enter the Babson MBA Blended Learning program! It allows you to participate in virtual sessions and online collaboration from anywhere in the world and easily attend face-to-face cessions from anywhere in the country since they occur approximately every seven weeks and are available at two campus locations, Wellesley and San Francisco.

If you would like to take a closer look and ask our faculty how you can make the most of your time, your learning, your network, and your investment, join us for a short webinar on September 16.

And you can still apply to start in the Babson MBA Blended Learning program in October – we continue to accept applications on a space available basis.

We all have our own goals. Live yours.