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Round 2 applications for full-time MBA programs and MSM

Happy New Year!

The start of 2014 has been an intense and important time for those of you who submitted a Round 2 application to our One-Year MBA, Two-Year MBA or MSM Program. Some of you are still working to complete your application. Others have already done so and are preparing for the admissions interview. Here are 3 useful tips for all of you Round 2 candidates:

  •  Use the application checklist on your Babson Bridge to see if there are still any missing items from your application.
  • Connect with the Graduate Admissions team if you have questions about missing items. We can help with challenges such as adding a new recommender or getting your test scores.
  • Most importantly, if you have been selected for an interview, schedule it as soon as you can. To make it easier for you to complete your admissions interview, we are offering plenty of interview slots during the week and also this Saturday, January 18. Log into your Babson Bridge to schedule your interview

And if you are still working on your application and have not been able to submit yet, let me remind you that our Round 3 deadline is February 17. Whether you are a domestic or international candidate, if you are committed to a full-time program and want to be at the center of entrepreneurial thought and action, it is not too late to apply and be considered for admission and merit-based scholarships.

The Graduate Admissions team is ready to work with you and help you. Stay in touch.  

 We all have our own goals. Live yours.