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Artists & Entrepreneurs

Artists and entrepreneurs face similar sets of objectives and challenges. Aspiring entrepreneurs and the artistically inclined are often driven to accomplish something that has never been done before. Both pursuits require persistence, creativity, and various degrees of risk taking.

Babson has established its reputation as a world leader in entrepreneurial education over the past several decades. Recognizing the similarities between artistry and entrepreneurship, Babson has integrated the fields within in its Full-Time MBA program. The first year curriculum of the two-year MBA program includes a variety of approaches to help students channel the creativity necessary for entrepreneurial success. All incoming students participate in the Creating course stream during their first semester. Students are assigned to various categories, including drawing, mixed media, improv, music, and dramatic writing — all based upon the each respective student’s lack of experience. Experts in these fields are brought in as consultants to teach and help guide students in their new artistic endeavors, and over the course of several weeks, students break free from their comfort zones and work together in groups to craft a presentation to the Babson community.

Included below is an example of a “Mixed Media” presentation from Fall 2013. This team of students, without providing an explanation, asked their fellow students to submit random questions to their group and proceeded to answer them using various forms of art and media. Check out the videos below!