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May 1 and Babson Graduate Admissions

May 1 is a big day at Babson Graduate Admissions.  Here’s why:

  • Second-deposit day for the Two-Year MBA admits
  • First application deadline for Evening MBA, September 2013 enrollment
  • First application deadline for Fast Track October 2013 enrollment

Tips about the three events listed above:

  1. We are moving to the end of the Two-Year Full-time program decision process.  Anyone with concerns or questions about your decision or deposit deadline, please contact your recruiters as soon as possible
  2. Anyone in the middle of an application or about to start one for the Evening MBA program, consider finishing and submitting by May 1!  You’ll feel enormously satisfied that you did PLUS you’ll have a decision before summer even starts.  Please contact Laurel Aroian if you have any questions.
  3. Calling all potential Fast Trackers–you’ve been to Visitor Day, you’ve attended one of our classes–don’t wait any longer to submit your application.  Anyone submitting on May 1 will also get a small break from Grad Admissions–an application fee waiver.  Please check in with our Fast Track recruiters if you have last minute questions, or jitters: Karen Peters, James Garvin, Laura Hunter, and Kim Van Cleave Michaels.

This week, I’d like to introduce Karen Peters, newest member of my team and Fast Tracks’ Senior Associate Director.  Karen shares her background and initial thoughts about Babson through the “Meet the Staff” format, below.

Hope to be hearing from many of you soon.

Good luck. Think big.

Best, Barbara

Peters IMG_3306 (2)Karen Peters, Sr. Associate Director, Fast Track MBA Program

How long have you been with Babson?  Five months

Describe your job?  I oversee the recruitment efforts for our Fast Track MBA program- this is our unique blended online and face-to-face MBA program.  I work with a team of colleagues in Wellesley, MA, San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA to identify and enroll students in our programs based in Wellesley and San Francisco.  With this role I am always seeking new opportunities to connect with working professionals to tell them about the Fast Track program and then move them through the application process. I enjoy meeting applicants through the interview process and hearing about what has motivated them to pursue the MBA at Babson and discussing how they think about entrepreneurial thought and action in their day to day careers.

What do you like the most about the Babson community?   Working with smart, collaborative people and being surrounded by inspiring students!

One adjective to describe Babson students.  Passionate

One (or two) Fun Fact about yourself.   I love to play tennis and am rather competitive when I do get the chance to play. My guilty pleasure when not spending time with my two boys is watching BRAVO TV!

How do you define entrepreneurship?  The ability and initiative to take new ideas and translate them into action and results that creates value for society.