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Babson welcomes spring and Welcome Days for new students

On this, the first day of spring 2013, with 6 inches of icy mix packed onto the ground, I congratulate all you hardy MBA candidates, who show more perseverance and determination in achieving your goal than most New Englanders do now when faced with another driveway to shovel.

Here is a round-up of where we are in MBA Admissions:

  • Congrats to all Full-Time programs Round 3 admits!  Decisions were posted Friday, March 15.
  • We are currently hosting the Spring 2013 Fast Track cohort for their Kick-Off week at Wellesley –welcome to them!
  • The Evening MBA program is enrolling for SUMMER (did you know you could start in May?) and Fall. Come join our Visitor Program on Monday, March 25.
  • Welcome Day for Round 3 Full-Time admits is April 1.

Welcome Day is one of the most useful tools you can employ in decision-making.  Yes, we offer a full agenda that leaves you little room for wandering around and making observations. (We do offer a tour, which does involve some wandering.) BUT–you are offered the opportunity to interact with multiple representatives of the Babson Community, from the Dean to current students to the Grad Admissions support team. And almost more importantly, you meet the people who can become your fellow colleagues at Babson and your fellow alumni.  All these encounters and conversations should help you build a data set about the background, spirit, enthusiasm, and potential of your future colleagues and community.  I admit we roll out a very impressive day, but what is more impressive is the opportunity it presents to you to find out if Babson is the right place for you.

Here are some pics from the Feburary 28, Welcome Day–our guests engaged in a very interesting exercise which I will not give away.  If you have been admitted, you have to come to find out for yourself.

(Photo credit–Laurel Aroian)

 Good luck.  Think big.



 Welcome Day 3 Feb 28)

Welcome Day 2 Feb 28 Welcome Day Feb 28