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Nothing + Technology = Something

Till date, we wore glasses only to improve our eyesight. However, with Google Glass, Google is offering you something more – vision. Now, with just a pair of glasses, you can take pictures, record videos, share content, get directions, send texts and do much more. That’s how technology can transform nothing into something!


Not to be left behind by Google Glass, Apple seems to be entrenching technology into another area that conventionally kept it simple and timeless – the wrist watch. Although Apple has not confirmed the news yet, the Huffington Post was alert to a patent submission by Apple and reported a possible iWatch in the making. More interest was garnered when Apple Insider offered information and insights about an upcoming wristwatch made of curved glass with a computer inside it!


In today’s fast paced world, the standard of innovation has quickly moved up and to the right. We are no longer astounded by awesome mobile apps or even a mission to Mars. I think the only occasions when we are truly overwhelmed by change are when technology changes the way we live out our lives. And as we can see in these cases, adding technology to nothing, often makes it quite something.

Take the case of Big Belly Solar. Founded by Jim Poss while completing his MBA from Babson College, Big Belly is not your normal trashcan. In fact, it’s a solar trash compactor that leverages solar energy to compact the trash in your can five times more than normal. Thus by adding technology to a place – a trash can – that conventionally had none, Big Belly Solar tremendously reduces litter, overflow, carbon footprint, fuel consumption, transportation costs and much more.


In fact, even something as vastly different as Christian churches are now transforming themselves with the help of technology. Conventionally churches have always lagged behind when it came to technology and struggled to really know their congregations. Often this technological gap translates to a distance with their flock, especially when the rest of the world is constantly engaging and hence, more enticing. However, one group is ready to fight the good fight and is adding a new weapon to their arsenal – technology!

A leader in its segment, the Dallas based Leadership Network has been exploring new ideas and mapping future possibilities in the Christian space with leaders of innovative churches, for almost thirty years. However, with changing times, they are kicking off a Beyond Digital Initiative that will help the church clearly understand and fruitfully embrace an ever-changing technology.


Tim Nations, the Director of Innovation Labs at Leadership Network, recently blogged about how this initiative will help churches not just leverage untapped potential in the pews but expand the global reach of innovative churches. Their upcoming community events, hackathons etc. are expected to throw more light on how churches can use technology to connect with and engage congregations in the future.

In conclusion, incorporating technology into nothing often transforms the latter into something indeed. As mankind advances technologically, we will have more opportunities to create heroes out of zeroes and to make a difference in this world. So can you imagine any traditional areas that technology can transform? You never know, your ideas may just be as innovative as the upcoming cars that can drive themselves

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Kurian Babykutty