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Babson’s Round 2 decisions, application tips, and Happy New Year!

photo (34)Greetings, everyone, from Wellesley, MA, where the snow piles are begining to shrink as the temperature rises.  The Admissions Committee did not let a major blizzard deter us from finishing our task (the post office has nothin’ on us.) We met, we deliberated long into the night, and thus, all of you who applied by January 15–your decisions will be available this week.

For those of you still struggling with your application, let me remind you that our Round 3 deadline is this Friday, February 15.  If you are committed to a full-time program and want to be at the center of entrepreneurial thought and action, it is not too late.  The full-time recruitment team is ready to walk you through, talk you down, and help you hit “Submit.”  Call us–definitely– or email-


App tip of the week: Round 3 is possible if you are prepared. Rolling admission is possible is you are prepared.  What does prepared mean? You can have your materials assembled within days, you’ve taken all the required tests, and you can set aside the time to focus on submitting your application.


photo (36)

In Olin Hall today, we enjoyed a fine New Year festival courtesy of the Babson Asian Business Club–food, music, and a Dragon Dance. The photos here give you a little taste of the way the BABC transformed Olin Hall and the Admissions Office. Prof. Bob Eng tells us that the banners hung on either side of the Admissions Office (first photo, above, with me standing in front of the door) say “The doorway to the world.”  Aren’t you ready to enter?

Good luck.  Think Big.

Best, Barbara