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Chew on This: Dining Options at Babson

As a fulltime MBA at Babson, I’ve had the “pleasure” of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at Babson at least 4 times per week.  As a result, I’ve taken it upon myself to provide you with a short list of where to get your food fix when you can tear yourself away from your financial forecasting spreadsheet on Excel.  I should note that I used to enjoy food before business school.  At this point, I pretty much consider it as sustenance, and value my dining options based upon ease and efficiency of eating said food, as opposed to the actual quality of the food.  If you start ordering the WACC sandwich at the deli counter, time to consult your local therapist.

On Campus:

Pandini’s at Olin Hall – As an MBA student, this will be your go-to spot primarily out of ease.  Personally, I don’t think the food options are that great, quality, or healthy (paging Food Sol), but it’s definitely the quickest method of grabbing a bite in between classes.  They also have a couple microwaves for heating up your cup of ramen noodles and a panini maker.  Fact: toasting a sandwich, regardless of the ingredients, always makes it taste better.

Trim Dining Hall – Something tells me that the staff at the undergraduate dining commons absolutely dread Fridays at Babson.  You see, every Friday, Trim offers a $6 all-you-can-eat discount for MBA students (regularly $10).  And as a proud participant, we take full advantage of it.  MBAs come in droves, filling every possible seat and causing general discomfort for most undergraduate students.  My strategy is to throw down a slice of pizza while perusing the food options, eat 3 entire meals worth of food (on the false premise that I can save time by skipping the next 2 meals), finish off with an ice cream, and try to walk out with as much fruit as possible without being caught.

Jazzman’s Cafe at the Library – Rumor is they have the best coffee on campus, and a decent selection of pastries and the like.

Vending Machine at Reynolds Athletic Center – All the options you are looking to complement a run, a quick workout, or wasting time exercising on the elliptical machine: potato chips, soda, candy bars, and…potato chips?

Off Campus:

Dining Hall at Olin School of Engineering – I guess technically this is “off campus,” but it’s only about a 10 minute walk.  Rumor has it that this is the best deal in the neighborhood – $6 student rate every day for a plethora of options, and the food is said to be of better quality than at Trim.  Check out the menu.  Try to keep this one a secret…don’t tell your friends.

Need a Christmas tree? They sell those too!

Volante Farms – Farm stand in Needham, only about 5 minutes from school.  The sandwiches are outstanding*, the salads are made with homegrown veggies, and the meat is Boar’s Head.

Whole Foods – No explanation necessary.  I usually load up on the pre-made $3, $5 and $7 meals and throw ’em in the fridge of my SLE study room for the rest of the week.  Great time saver – every 5 minutes saved counts.

Singh’s Cafe – Indian restaurant.  Went here for lunch one time after finals.  As a student, it’s tough to turn down a $7.95 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.  The food was decent, and I highly recommend piling some naan on your plate.


Do you agree with my assessments, or think otherwise?  Did I miss any other dining options in and around Babson?  Feel free to let me know!!


* Editor’s note: I’ve never been here, but have been told by friends the sandwiches are great, and I have no reason to disbelieve them. **

** Editor’s note: I’m the editor, so I can say anything I want.