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Giving thanks @ Thanksgiving

Well, it’s that time of the year when people take a weekend off to eat good turkey and shop like crazy! But on a more serious note, I just realized that I have so much to be grateful for at Babson and what better time to give thanks than at Thanksgiving? Hence, I am thankful…

1. For a chance to study in the best MBA program for entrepreneurship – Babson is ranked #1 in the country for an MBA in Entrepreneurship for a reason and right from day one, the Entrepreneurship class began to justify the title tag. Prof. Heidi and her energy always pushed us to the edge where we had no choice but to become entrepreneurial in nature.

I always wanted to know how a small school such as Babson can continue to be ranked #1 for 19 consecutive years and survive the likes of Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc. breathing down it’s neck. Within the first week, Babson showed us why. You won’t believe it, but all they needed was a quilt and a puzzle to explain their secret, strategy and success.

2. For a good group of friends who really had my back – My six-member group with whom I worked on our projects, assignments etc. was the best possible team ever. I hope the next team that I will be a part of, from January onwards, will be equally good since these guys have set such high standards in my mind. On a few occasions when I was busy with personal projects and/ or did not know enough subject matter to contribute effectively, the team always had my back and got the job done.

I think Babson’s Signature Learning Experience (SLE), where you are partnered with 6-7 classmates as a team, brings about a business perspective of camaraderie, compatibility and companionship. Every entrepreneur needs to know how to work in and get the best out of a team. By offering such training from the outset, Babson has not only made us better entrepreneurs already but a big international family as well.

3. For everyday events that will make me a better entrepreneur – On average, there are at least two events or sessions that are scheduled daily after class hours. While some of them bring senior executives from brands such as Lego, Staples etc. for round table panels, others help us get trained in marketing, sales, case consulting etc. by renowned leaders in their fields.

How to divide equity among co-founders, how to sell well, how to position your product etc. are concerns for all budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. Hence, sessions that discussed these concerns and more, were invaluable in preparing us for the future when class room concepts may not suffice. Such interactions with and exposure to the best in business, on a daily basis, is a blessing and a boon from Babson.

While there are challenges along the way, Babson succeeds because of an openness to listen, alter and deliver. Every entrepreneur needs to listen to what the market dictates and Babson is leading and teaching by example. This Thanksgiving, I want to take time and to give thanks to those who have invested their time, sown in faith and nurtured our dreams.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend

In gratitude,

Kurian Babykutty