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Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, Friday November 9/Babson in Asia

What do students at Babson do when they are not in class? More activities and pursuits than I have space to write about, that is what they do. And the 11th annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Forum is an example of one of those activities.  Not only is this Forum a place for student leadership, ideas and initiatives, it is also a showcase for entrepreneurship of all kinds–Babson style.

This year’s theme is “Celebrating Entrepreneurs of All Kinds.” The Forum will offer three tracks to explore entrepreneurs of all kinds in all kinds of industries: People, Trends and Skills. The Forum will draw on Babson faculty fire power for moderators–Len Schlesinger (also our President!), Bala Iyer, Lakshmi Blachandra, Donna Kelley, and Dan Isenberg.

Featured speakers include:

And many more. Admissions still has tickets to this day for the asking. Any interested candidate should call us–781-239-5591.

Just a closing note. Here are some pics of Tokyo from Petia Whitmore, recruiter for the Two-Year program, who is currently in Shanghai, after a sweep through Tokyo and Beijing. To any candidates interested in Babson who want to meet Petia, here is her schedule for this week:

  • November 8: Hong Kong, Regional Round Table
  • November 11, QS World Tour, Hong Kong

Please use this link to RSVP or for more information.

Good luck.  Think Big.