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Meet the Babson One-Year MBA program

Welcome to the One-Year MBA Class of 2013! We in Admissions, and all of us at Babson, are excited to have you join us at your Orientation on May 24. For those of you reading this blog who are not part of that class but are interested in learning more about the One-Year MBA program, I encourage you to read on, because this post is dedicated to the One Year program, its profile, its value, and why you should consider it and the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

Domenic Lomanno, M’06 and One-Year MBA program grad, is the admissions recruiter on staff who works with candidates to the One-Year Program. I asked him to describe the One-Year and elaborate on the concerns and perceptions prospective students have about it. I also asked him, as I have periodically done in this blog, to answer my “Meet the Staff” questions. His profile appears at the end.

Domenic says:

“The One-Year MBA program is one of four MBA degree delivery methods Babson offers. It is not an isolated, separate MBA experience. Candidates are sometimes concerned that they will ‘miss out’ on the MBA experience if they enroll in the One- Year. Not true. One-Years take advantage of the Babson Electives Abroad and experiential learning opportunities, can take leadership roles in student-run organizations, and have SLE’s (Signature Learning Experiences) built into their curriculum, just like the Two-Years do.

The main ‘differences’ are time and cost. If you are in the One-Year, you are enrolled for 12 months (May to May), not 18 months like the Two-Year. Looked at this way, the One-Year MBA is not really half the time, materials, or networking opportunities as the name and comparison to the Two-Year would imply.

Since the One-Year is geared towards candidates with an undergraduate business foundation, you work quickly through the core, without the need for extensive refreshing on subjects like accounting or marketing. After the summer core (one semester versus two semesters in the Two-Year MBA), you move on to the ‘deep dive’ into electives–in the same clases with your Two-Year MBA colleagues! After two full semesters of electives, you can then return to the work force after one calendar year, able to increase your earnings potential and having only paid for one year of tuition.

The small cohort size is really attractive to a lot of candidates. We generally enroll around 80 students, which are further divided into two sections of approximately 40 students. You will really get to know your entire class before your program is over.

I encourage anyone interested in the One-Year MBA, or any of the MBA programs, to contact me or the Admissions Office.  I’d be happy to speak with you.”

Meet Domenic Lomanno

1) How long have you been at Babson?

I was a student in the One-Year MBA from 2005 – 2006 and started as an employee right after that.

2) How would you describe your job?

I like to look at recruiting as giving someone an opportunity to change his or her life.  Getting an MBA is a big life-event and guiding the candidates through the process and then seeing how it changes them as people is very rewarding.

3) What do you like most about the Babson community?

The vibe.  I remember it myself as a candidate, looking and feel it every day coming into work.  There is an energy that you can feel here in the community and I think that is what makes Babson so special.

4) One adjective to describe our students?


5) Fun fact.

I’ve been to 23 countries.

6) How do you define entrepreneurship?

Changing the world around you by being smart, innovative, insightful, and seeing everything. You do not need to reinvent the wheel – the wheel is (and always will be) round… you need to make the wheel better.