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The Babson MBA–A transformational experience

May is college and university commencement month, and I have been thinking about the many beginnings and endings that are happening at Babson. Students are graduating, and new classes are enrolling. Despite all this leave-taking and in-coming, I am also thinking about the transformations that have happened here at Babson. Not only will our students be given a degree and a super fun Commencment activities to do in next week; not only do they have jobs or are near landing a job; but also, they are different people than they were when the joined us. No, I haven’t gone back to review their application essays to remind them of their short term goals statement. I have found that as they reflect on their time here, the graduating MBAs demonstrate that they have not only acquired an MBA toolkit, they have also acquired a network, a purpose, a point of view, and a perspective on their graduate education at Babson. I’d like to share some of their perspectives.

Before I do, though, congratulations to all the graduates and best wishes for your futures. To some incredible students who have contributed a lot of time and effort supporting the Admissions Office (you know who you are) — my sincerest thanks for all you have done. Stay in touch.

Good luck.  Think Big.


In their own words, here are some excerpts of what our graduates have said when asked about their transformations.

My Babson MBA experience did things I believed were not possible. When someone tells you they will change the way you think – I thought “yeah, right.” But within the first few months, and now much later, I’ve noticed how it happened – and to what extent. Repetition at seeking, evaluating, and pursuing opportunities is a new personal enhancement I can thank Babson for.
– Don Chapman, Two Year MBA

Babson MBA has changed the way I approach problems. Now when I run into daily circumstances, I am able to step aside for a minute and think rapidly for the most efficient solution. That’s how creative I became.
Francisco Garcia, One Year MBA

Babson has truly transformed the way I think and view the world. I have learned to approach all my personal and professional interactions in a much more accountable and responsible manner. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial spirit that has been instilled in me has helped me become fearless of chasing my passions in life and seeking creative ways to bring out the best in myself and in others.
Alex Medeiros, Two Year MBA

Babson’s MBA program constantly encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone so I can test and fine tune new skills in a safe space. I now even look forward to pushing past personal barriers because I know I’m growing as a business woman. Growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone and Babson has helped me grow and develop new skills in a constructive and rewarding way.
Cathlin Bosch, Evening MBA

Through my education and the spirit of the school, I now have the confidence to pursue my dreams and believe that I can make a difference.
Kelly Murphy, 2 Year MBA

Babson helped me develop both sides of my brain. Through various class projects I have completed, I learned to think outside of the box and come up with innovative ideas and solutions, and at the same time crunch the numbers and make critical decisions. I now have the tools to meet challenges head on, and the confidence to lead teams to turn ideas into action. For me, that’s the true essence of being an entrepreneur.
Pia Ostos Cortina, Two Year MBA

I have never felt more sure of what I want to do, while at the same time being more open to exploring new opportunities. I knew that my Babson MBA experience would challenge me intellectually and expand my social connections, but I never knew to what extent. It has completely transformed my way of thinking and approaching any situation.
Alfonso Hernandez, Two Year MBA

Prior to Babson, I had limited experience on the private side of the business world. The real world experiences that the Babson professors have in their own entrepreneurial endeavors have allowed us to learn from their mistakes/experiences without having to go through the first-hand trials. Obviously the academics prepared me for the tangible aspects of running a new business, but it was the professors’ ability to relate their years of experience that has made the most lasting impact.
Chris Kent, Fast Track MBA

Babson has demystified the concept of an entrepreneurial venture for me. The professors at Babson have inspired me to define and seek my own personal happiness and career success.
Naveen Venkataraman, Two Year MBA