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Meet the Fast Track MBA Program

Two posts ago, I provided a top ten list of reasons why you should consider the part-time programs at Babson. In this post, I feature a quick highlight of the Fast Track program and the three Fast Track recruiters through my recurring “Meet the Staff” segment.

The Fast Track MBA program is one of the two part-time programs Babson offers.  It is cohort-based and was specifically developed for the mid-level professional whose career is moving quickly but who needs the transformation and tools only an MBA can provide. I encourage you to read the Real People/Real Stories two Fast Track alums have shared to get a better sense of the experience.

Through web-based learning, face–to-face sessions, and virtual collaboration, we deliver our MBA curriculum to the Fast Track cohorts in Wellesley and San Francisco. The program takes 21 months.

Highlights of the Fast Track curriculum delivery:

  • The program begins with an intense, five-day, 1-credit session for all new Fast Track students on the Wellesley campus, offering complete immersion into the program.
  • Online learning accounts for an average of 20 hours per week spent in readings, case preparation, contributing to asynchronous and real-time discussions, and actively participating in team-based exercises and projects.
  • In the Face to Face Sessions, the cohort comes together for a total of 14 classroom sessions; approximately every seven weeks for 2 1/2 days (Thursday afternoon – Saturday).
  • Students have flexibility in satisfying their elective requirements. They may choose from a subset of courses in the Elective Curriculum, Babson Executive Education courses, as well as Independent Research projects and Management Consulting Field Experiences (MCFE).
  • Finally, in the Capstone, students form teams and develop a business plan based either on a project identified within their companies or a “greenfield” project.

Here is a quick look at the Class Profile (combining Wellesley and San Francisco) that just entered in March:

•76 Students
•3 sections – 2 in Wellesley, 1 in SF
•32% women
•US States – CA, CT, FL, MA, ME, MO, NH, NJ, NY, RI
•22% international citizenship
–India, Australia, Cameroon, France Ireland, Italy, Russia
•Average age 34 –  Ages Range from 25 – 52
•Average work experience – 12 years
•Range of years- work experience – 5-29

Fast Track is hosting Visitor Programs this Friday, April 27, at both campuses, as well as in May and June on both campuses.  They also host 1-1 chats (Please follow the link to rsvp).  Fast Track’s next application deadline (for Fall 2012 enrollment) is May 1.  Our recruiters are ready and waiting to meet in person or by phone to talk about your interest, your current work demands, and the possibilities available through Fast Track.  Why wait?

Good Luck.  Think Big.


Meet the Fast Track recruiters!

Laurel Aroian

1.           How long have you been with Babson?   I started in November 2006.

2.           How would you describe your job?   My job is to advise prospective students who are interested in pursuing an MBA, support them through the application process, and help them network and engage with the Babson community.

3.           What do you like the most about the Babson community?    The students, faculty and staff give have such a strong work ethic and give each other unconditional support.  People are genuine, caring and take pride in being part of this community.   It’s a truly a special place to work.

4.           One adjective to describe our students?  Passionate.

5.           Fun fact.    I can sing the alphabet backwards.

6.           How do you define e-ship? Entrepreneurship is like looking in a kaleidoscope.   You look through the lens, and by simply changing your perspective, you realize there are infinite possibilities in what you can create.

James Garvin

1.         How long have you been with Babson?  Since 2005.

2.         How would you describe your job?  One part marketing, 2 parts Graduate recruiting & admissions, 1 part consulting.

3.         What do you like the most about the Babson community?   It is truly a community with a living spirit. All have a part in contributing to the whole and all have a joy in that hard work.

4.         One adjective to describe our students?  Energetic.

5.         Fun fact.  I play ice hockey at lunch with Babson staff, faculty and others. It keeps me in line and is another one of the great groups of people within the community.

6.         How do you define e-ship? Enjoying an idea in one’s head and becoming obsessed with turning a dream idea into a reality.

Laura Hunter

1.           How long have you been with Babson? I was a full time 2 year student at Babson’s MBA program from Fall 2008 until Spring 2010, and was delighted to come onboard with the Admissions team in fall 2010 on the east coast, and then transition to San Francisco Spring 2011.

2.           How would you describe your job?  I would describe my job as relationship building, business development, brand awareness, with a touch of “selling” something that I love: the Babson MBA.

3.           What do you like the most about the Babson community?   What I love the most about the Babson community is the collaborative environment and willingness to help each other.

4.           One adjective to describe our students?  Inspiring.

5.           Fun fact: I have a miniature schnauzer whom I have named Trousers.

6.           How do you define e-ship? I define entrepreneurship as the courage and drive to implement creative solutions to business challenges and the bravery to risk stepping into unchartered territories.