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Babson Part Time Programs-Top 10 Reasons to Consider Us


Short and sweet this week, with new student Welcome Day and so many other activities going on.  The recent USNWR rankings came out, as you well know, which gave me momentary pause for reflection, among other things.

We at Babson are currently enrolling students into the Evening MBA summer term, working with Evening candidates for Fall enrollment and beginning outreach for the Fast Track programs (Wellesley and San Francisco).  Here is my Top Ten List for why you should consider the Babson Part-time programs for your MBA:


10.  Flexibility—The Evening MBA offers the most flexibility, allowing you to take as little as 2 credits or as much as a full-time course load per semester.  The blended learning structure of Fast Track program offers you the chance to continue your professional career while earning an MBA from a highly respected and ranked business school.

9.     Cohort and Network—The Fast Track is cohort based, so you will immediately develop a tight network you will know throughout your career.  The Evening program, while not cohort based, develops networks through teams built around courses and experiential programs.

8.     Resources—Babson College is your resource as a student, whether in Evening or Fast Track. That means library resources, student organizations, career development and so much more.

7.     Locations—Evening student can take up to 50% of their total class work in the new downtown Boston Space (253 Summer Street). Fast Track students are based in Wellesley for their face-to face sessions, but can also, as can any Babson grad student in any program, take classes downtown.  AND Fast Track has a campus in San Francisco (135 Main Street.)

6.     Cost—for either program, competitive.

5.     Enrollment options—Evening enrolls three times a year (Summer is our next enrollment—apply now!)  Fast Track enrolls twice a year at both campuses.

4.     Rankings—oh yes, rankings.  Babson’s part time programs have been rated by USNWR as #16.  We are the only New England school in the top 20 for part-time programs.

3.     Curriculum—One MBA, four programs means one integrated curriculum, delivered in a way that is cognizant of the different audiences in each program. Added bonus: taking electives with your colleagues from the other programs.

2.     #1 school for entrepreneurship—that’s another ranking (USNWR—19 years in a row!). You will become one of many “entrepreneurs of all kinds” by living and learning the Babson way.

1.      Perhaps the top reason—You will be thinking and acting entrepreneurially more quickly that you ever imagined–That’s what our part-time students always say.

Why not visit us and see for yourself?

Good luck.  Think big.