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Deposits and extensions: Time to commit

Commitment. That is what every MBA admissions office wants at this time of year. Your commitment.  It’s not like we’ve been casually dating, but let’s face it, we have been building a relationship, right?

We first met at Kaplan Road to Business School event, or at a Forté Foundation fair, or here on the Wellesley, MA campus  at a Visitor day program. You met Domenic, or Danielle, or James. You enjoyed Prof. Bob Turner and the “The Healthee Foods” mock case session at the Saturday Info Session. It made you think–“Wow, I like the case method!”

But after our introduction, you took step one and applied. The relationship continued. We took step two and admitted you. And now, we are asking for commitment by asking you to send in your admissions deposit.  We’re ready to commit to you, wholeheartedly, with an incredible 12 or 24 month program full of cases (non-mock), diverse students, group work, forums, snowstorms (kidding, but you never know), amazing faculty and, upon graduation, a life- long membership to Babson as an alum. That is a wow!

I know that many of you are still out there, waiting for other offers or considering other offers. Other schools are pressuring you for commitment, too. If deposit dates conflict, let us know. We can work something out. Has life surprised you with an unexpected event? Sometimes, an enrollment deferral until the next cycle is possible.  Please contact us.

Still uncertain if we are a match? My staff and I can connect you to a lot of people–students from your ugrad, faculty who are experts in your field of interest, alumni with a story to tell. All this is a phone call or email away.

Make a commitment with your first deposit. Re-Confirm your relationship with Babson with your second deposit (check your admit packet for the due date) You won’t regret it!

Meet the staff

As promised, I’m featuring another of our amazing Grad Admissions staff members in this blog. This week, meet our newest Admissions staff member, Olivia Cabrera, M’06. Here are Olivia’s answers to my “Meet the staff” questions.

Olivia Cabrera1.           How long have you been with Babson?

I was a student for two years in 2004-2006, a contractor for eight months in 2012 with both Babson Executive Education and Graduate Admissions, and am now full time Graduate Admissions for three months. Cumulatively, I have been at Babson for three years.

2.           How would you describe your job?

My job is to meet fascinating people and guide them on their journey to achieve their hopes and dreams, of course!

As an Assistant Director managing the admissions process for the Evening Program, my role requires a lot of communication, relationship management, and a true love of meeting new people and helping them get to where they need to go. Whether my schedule includes interviewing MBA candidates, reading applications, attending events on and off campus, or simply meeting with someone one-on-one to discuss options, no day is the same as the last and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3.           What do you like the most about the Babson community?

I love the palpable energy and flow of ideas and creativity that thrums in the corridors of Olin Hall.

4.           One adjective to describe our students.

Inspiring! Everyone is involved in such different projects, all of which are incredible, imaginative, have the potential to change the world.

5.           Fun fact.

I have moved over 40 times in my life. When it comes to moving, I am a pro!

6.           How do you define e-ship?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to look at an obstacle as a challenge, to hear the word “impossible” and do it anyway, and to look at failure as an essential piece of success.


Good luck.  Think big.