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Summer Start for the Evening MBA

Regardless of the fact that many of us have not been governed by a school calendar for a very long time, we still behave as if we do. Who doesn’t yearn for new pencils and a black marbled composition book in September? Don’t you itch to clean your desk in late June and leave for the beach? Well, now that you are a grown-up and interested in business school, no less, let me offer you a chance to enjoy summer like a kid while studying like an MBA student:  the Evening MBA program’s May enrollment option.

The Babson Evening MBA program enrolls three times a year—January, May, and September. But if September enrollment is right around the corner and fits into your traditional idea of when school “ought” to begin, you say, why would you want to start in May? I say throw away those old ideas and think like an entrepreneur. I put this question to Danielle Yetman, Associate Director, who manages Admissions for the Evening MBA, and to Olivia Cabrera, Assistant Director and M’06, who also works with Evening MBA candidates.

Danielle says, “The Evening MBA offers students tremendous flexibility, particularly in the summer where students can elect to take classes in one or both of the two sessions offered. Joining the program in May also offers students the opportunity to begin a full term earlier than the fall so they can begin applying what they learn immediately to their work environment.”

Olivia says, “The Summer Session is the best point of entry to ease into the Evening MBA Program. The variety of electives can make it simple to choose a class that fits into a busy schedule. Added to that, you will have the ability to attend class two times a week for six weeks rather than once a week for fourteen week, making in-class time much more efficient.

I say time is passing. When you make the decision to return for a graduate degree part-time, you have already declared that your graduate program needs to be flexible and work around your work schedule, which will remain constant throughout the course of your studies. So, if your chosen school (Babson) offers you a chance to get used to the work/study balance during a time when most people take advantage of vacation time anyway, then do it. Summer in Olin Hall is active and fun, with the One-Year students deeply involved in their core curriculum and enjoying the long days and relatively uncrowded space. Our Evening students are a wonderful part of this mix.

The Evening MBA program’s informational programming is running weekly. Please come visit a class, call Danielle or Olivia, or ask to be connected to a currently enrolled Evening student. I think that not only will you find the Evening MBA a great choice, but that May rivals September for new beginnings!

Good luck!  Think Big.