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New York Alumni Bring the Babson Rocket Pitch to the Big Apple

Every fall, Babson holds a meticulously coordinated rocket pitch event, where students get to pitch their businesses in 3 minutes or less to a constantly rotating audience that moves from room to room and pitch to pitch.  It’s an iconic event that has become a staple at Babson.  But why should current students have all the fun?

The Babson Alumni Club of NY, headed up by a very dedicated committee of local alums, decided to bring the event to NYC and open it up to alums and current students alike.

On March 31, the Club held its second annual rocket pitch, after auditioning a number of teams to fill its 11 presentation slots.  The event was a huge success not just because of the high caliber of presentations (proving that the presentation skills we learn at Babson don’t dissipate after graduation) but because of the number and caliber of attendees.  Though many NY-based alumni came out to observe the pitches, network and support Babson entrepreneurship, many non-Babson affiliated professionals (including a number of investors) came as well.

From talking to several of those attendees, it became quickly obvious that Babson’s reputation as the leading producer of great entrepreneurs is reaching impressive new heights across the country.  Several saw the event as a great preview of the caliber of talent at Babson and said the event prompted them to think of and approach the school and its students for employment and investment opportunities.

All this is a great sign to current and prospective Babson MBA students.  Babson’s reputation as the entrepreneurial leader is strong and growing.  This is because its growth is the responsibility of every not just of the school’s administration but of every alum and alumni organization.

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