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Inside Scoop from Investors

Students from the Singapore Management University (SMU) Masters of Science in Innovation program joined our Summer Venture Program entrepreneurs for an investor panel held at Babson Boston. Five investors, Natalie Bartlett of Rough Draft Ventures, Parul Singh of Founder Collective, Sanjay Manandhar of Boston Harbor Angels, Shereen Shermak, Superangel, and TJ Mahony of Accomplice, gave…

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How 2 Raise from a Student Venture Fund

Are you a student entrepreneur looking for funding? Consider connecting with a student venture fund! The Blank Center hosted a How 2 Tuesday to introduce students to this concept. Shereen Shermak, Partner of SoCoVentures Syndicate and Advisor to Flybridge Capital, moderated a panel with three representatives of student venture funds: Jonathan Marchetti ’18, Venture Partner…

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#How2Tuesday: How 2 Raise from a Student Venture Fund

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, April 10 at 5pm in Luksic 101 (note room location): How 2 Raise from a Student Venture Fund with Contrary Capital, Dorm Room Fund and Rough Draft Ventures! We’ve all heard of student venture funds, but how are they different from standard VC funds? Shereen Shermak, Partner,…