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Three Common Misconceptions about SEO

The following post is from Sean O’Neill MBA’18, founder of Toast! The Toast! tablet helps alcohol drinkers maintain a healthy liver and healthy body, while avoiding a hangover in the morning. As a former inbound marketing consultant, I have run across my fair share of puzzling misconceptions about SEO. But there are three main misconceptions…

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Digital Marketing for Startups

Many of the teams in the Summer Venture Program are now ready to work towards gaining traction in the market. Members of the Babson College Marketing team, Vanessa Theoharis and Garrett, visited us in the Blank Center to explain how to do so by increasing customer recognition and trust in the brand online. A large…

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Getting the Most out of your Paid Search Budget

By Writing Compelling ads.  Here are some copy writing tips that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. 1. Copy Writing Tips When writing copy on the major search engines, make sure that you know all the do’s and don’ts. Be sure to have an idea of what you are trying…