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Apparao Karri’s Story

The following post is from Yushan Lou ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member. On March 25, Apparao Karri M’12 shared his entrepreneurial experience for Founder Friday at the Blank Center. He graduated from Babson Graduate School in 2012 and started his company Cintell, an enterprise technology startup that helps businesses engage with their customers…

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Founder Friday with Apparao Karri

The Blank Center’s Founder Friday series is continuing on Friday, March 25 at 11am with Apparao Karri M’12! Apparao is CEO and Co-Founder of Cintell, an enterprise technology company focused on helping businesses become customer-centric. Apparao is focused on bringing to market the next generation business systems that are smarter and intelligent. At Cintell, Apparao…

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Marketing Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

On May 27, Kevin Mulcahy visited the Summer Venture Program, and held a lunch and learn session about market intelligence. In the last few years, Mulcahy worked in delivering customized market and intelligence gathering insights on competitors, business partners and emerging market segments. According to Mulcahy, intelligence earns its name only when it serves a…