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Crowdfunding 101

Thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign? Professor Erik Noyes hosted a “Crowdfuding 101” session for the Butler Venture Accelerator to explain the basics of this fundraising strategy. While there are four types of crowdfunding (rewards, donations, equity, and lending), this discussion was focused on rewards-based crowdfunding, in which backers receive a “gift” depending on the…

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Crowdfunding Tips from Teplo

The following post is from Kazu Kawanobe M’16, founder of Load&Road, LLC, a spring 2016 hatchery business. Crowdfunding is getting popular for entrepreneurs to raise fund. If you have an awesome idea, you should definitely use it. We developed Teplo, the world 1st smart bottle for tea drinkers, and successfully raised over $73,000 with 1,200…

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Crowdfunding 101: Before You Press “Publish”

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few months from setting up a crowdfunding campaign, it’s this: crowdfunding is possibly the most work-intensive way of gathering funding. And yet, ironically, it is also one of the most enjoyable – for entrepreneurs like me, day-to-day challenges present not just opportunities to meet with potential customers,…