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The Butler Launch Pad: John Hallal on the “Launch and Grow” Stage

An adjunct professor at Babson College, John Hallal teaches Mergers & Acquisitions for Entrepreneurs. John also serves as an advisor in Babson’s Launch Pad Program, advising businesses at the “Launch and Grow” stage, coaching entrepreneurs on go-to-market strategies, operations, sales and fundraising. John currently works as Managing Director for Network Blue, is an attorney for…

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Accelerator Adviser Profile Part VI: John Hallal

John Hallal is a business adviser, attorney, entrepreneur and professor. Professor Hallal is the advisor for the Launch and Grow stage of the Butler Venture Accelerator program. He has been part of this program for the past three years. Professor Hallal is passionate, open and spontaneous. If he hears a good idea, then he is…