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How 2 Use Free Tools for Your Startup

Greg Gomer ’07, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of BostInno and HqO, led a How 2 Tuesday on using free tools for your startup. Greg began the presentation with the statement that believing you need to raise capital before you really start your business is a “death sentence.” People who say this are already making excuses,…

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Week 3: Summer Venture Program 2018

Despite the rainy and gloomy weather, our entrepreneurs were enthusiastic and excited to get to work during our third week of the Summer Venture Program. As usual, we kicked off the week with some team updates and a delicious meal from a local restaurant. Something that always seems to amaze me about this cohort is…

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#How2Tuesday: How 2 Use Free Tools for Your Startup

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, April 17 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room: How 2 Use Free Tools for Your Startup with Greg Gomer ’07, co-founder of HqO. Starting a company isn’t always glamorous, especially when cash is low (or doesn’t exist). Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you have to be…