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How 2 Avoid Top Startup Mistakes

Startups commonly make the same legal mistakes. Jack Steele, a lawyer at Pierce Atwood LLP, who works with new businesses, recently visited Babson and shared how to avoid these familiar problems. Presenting with him was Joanna Geisinger, MBA ’17 and founder of TORq Interface. TORq Interface is a platform that allows hospitals and medical device…

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How 2 Divide Equity

For the Blank Center’s first How 2 Tuesday event of the semester, Senior Lecturer Les Charm hosted a workshop on approaches and important topics to consider when dividing equity among the founders of a new business. He calls this the “kitchen table discussion” because it often takes place at an informal location, such as a…

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Understanding Insurance

The Blank Center recently had the honor of having Cottingham & Butler insurance brokers on campus to present to members of Babson’s entrepreneurship community. The focus of the discussion was business insurance: Why entrepreneurs should care and the basics of its various forms. Why You Should Care About Insurance Starting a business involves a lot…