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How 2 Validate a Business Idea

Bradley George, an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson, recently led a How 2 Tuesday session focused on the process of validating a business idea. He began by defining “validate” as “to demonstrate or support the truth or value of something.” Professor George explained that aspiring entrepreneurs must confirm that both their idea solves a…

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How 2 Uncover and Shape Your Value Proposition

Our How 2 Tuesday series returned for the year with an interactive workshop with Professor Andrew Corbett! Professor Corbett is a Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson Research Scholar and serves as Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division. He joined us to teach Babson entrepreneurs how to uncover and shape the value propositions of their businesses. Professor Corbett…

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How to Interview Customers

Unsure how to get honest feedback from customers? Keith Hopper, a Summer Venture Program advisor, recently led a Lunch and Learn workshop focused on this very task. His preferred method? One-on-one interviews. Keith believes that structured interviews help provide validation that you are solving a real problem, and that you are approaching it in the…