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How 2 Build a Personal Board of Advisors

Sarah Hodges, MBA’10, is the driving force behind extremely successful consumer and enterprise startups and, last year, entered the venture capital world as a partner at Pillar VC. Sarah recently stopped by the Blank Center to speak about the importance of having a personal board of advisors. For those who are unfamiliar, a personal board…

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Building a Board

Professor Les Charm joined the Summer Venture Program’s for a Lunch and Learn to discuss building an advisory board: How to manage expectations, find members, and run meetings. He dispelled some misconceptions that our entrepreneurs held about the purpose of board members, saying that “the role of the board is to help you solve the…

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Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

Did you know that the United States ranks among the worst countries for work-life balance? Or that nearly 60% of employees recently worked while on vacation? Cindy Berg, an entrepreneur, mother, and Summer Venture Program advisor, presented these shocking facts to the teams at a recent Lunch and Learn. This session was focused on creating…