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The Right Choice

The following post is from Ravish Majithia MBA’18, founder of Magnomer, a fall 2017 hatchery business. Magnomer uses cradle-to-cradle principles to redesign plastic packaging by adding visual magnetizable elements that complement brand designs and enable recovery from waste streams for better recyclability. Let me paint you a hypothetical buying choice. Which would you pick: a…

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Entrepreneurship Faculty Profile: Brad George

Professor. World traveler. Sustainability. Dance studio. What do these things have in common? Brad George! Professor George has been part of the Babson community for the last ten years. During the last decade, Professor George has advised students and educators from all the around the world. He has also practiced being an entrepreneur – through…

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Tough Decisions

It is always difficult to make drastic changes to your business, especially if you argued for reasons to do a certain something. The fact is, as humans, we’re stubborn, and that comes from our hubris. For our web startup, we’ve done a lot of things we were not proud of, but were too proud in…