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Why Many Marketers Believe that Augmented Reality is Doomed for Failure

The following post is from Mohit Juneja MBA’18, founder of™. IndulgeYoSelf.comTM is augmented reality for virtual try-on. Specifically, “Warby Parker for Jewelry.” Augmented Reality (AR) is the virtual overlay of contextual, digital information on a physical-world. Currently business value-add in the consumer space has been low given the primary use case of marketing. Marketers…

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Augmented Reality: Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Challenges

The following post is from Sara Wu ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member. The Blank Center recently hosted a panel discussion around the topic of augmented reality (AR). We had the honor of having Sarah Downey, who is a writer, marketer, attorney and currently a Principal at Accomplice (FKA Atlas Venture); Ruben Mancha, Assistant…

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Blank @ Boston – Augmented Reality

The Blank Center is excited to announce that with Babson’s recent expansion in Boston, we will be hosting monthly events  at our new downtown location at 100 High Street! As our mission is to accelerate the practice of Entrepreneurship of All Kinds, we are looking forward to building a larger community for Babson and the…