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Babson Women Leaders Arrive in Rwanda

Five women from Babson’s Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) arrived last Saturday, May 25th for a stimulating three weeks in Rwanda. During their time in Rwanda they will mostly be staying in Save, which is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda about a 15 minute drive from the city of Butare, one of the major…

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Sure, I’ll spend a week in Rio for work!

“You’ll love the GEC, it’s like being at the United Nations!” said the delegate from Ecuador to me prior to the first day’s sessions. I was excited, but didn’t quite understand how true her statement was. There were people representing around 130 countries, and I made it to about 50 introductions of people from different countries before…

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Paving the way for the future of BREC

Having completed our 2-month transition phase with Chris Smith, we are now forced out of the nest and into the world to soar and discover our own ideas, make our own mistakes, and evolve the Center into its next phase of existence. As someone who asks 101 questions daily, it was extremely beneficial to have…