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Summer Catalyst: Week 6

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, participants will need to use effective and creative problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles. Some challenges may include determining appropriate pricing for the product, finding investors, or fundraising. Another challenge is making time for self-care amidst our hectic schedules.

Although this week’s activities focused primarily on fundraising and investment, the discussions also illuminated the importance of leveraging support networks for help with tackling challenges.

Let’s dive right in:  


This week’s Team Update’s session exemplified the vibrant sense of community and support that exists in Summer Catalyst. The entrepreneurial journey involves a lot of hard work, perseverance, and determination and some days or weeks can seem overwhelming. During especially challenging times like these, having a strong support network is essential. After presenting their usual “asks” and updates, one of the break out groups talked about strategies to create a better work life balance. While showing great empathy, the entrepreneurs shared methods they use to prioritize tasks, manage time effectively, and incorporate self-care when the work pace feels overwhelming. Not only is self-care essential for our health and wellbeing, but it can also lead to increased productivity.

It was heartwarming to see the authentic level of compassion and support that Summer Catalyst community members expressed toward one another. Despite the current climate, entrepreneurs and the Blank Center team have risen to the occasion and strive to cultivate a supportive and fulfilling community. Although the work may sometimes feel overwhelming, every Summer Catalyst participant and member of the Blank Center team deserves praise for their hard work and efforts to support entrepreneurial endeavors during these times. Keep up the phenomenal work, make time for self-care, and remember—we are all in this together!

Later today, Felix Guelfucci MSEL’20 pitched BONAMI at Hot Seat and entered a rebuild session designed to help him revise the presentation. David Chang also hosted office hours.


On Tuesday, MacBrennan Peet ’22 entered the Hot Seat pitching Cabana Health, an app that puts your health profile all under one roof. Afterwards, teams had the opportunity to engage in a rebuild session with Cabana Health and office hours with Emily Green. I also led another series of Creative Consultations to advise ventures on their content and designs while thinking through creative problem solving.


Today, teams participated in an exciting and informative Lunch & Learn on Fundraising with entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor David Chang. During this session, teams learned the best practices for raising a seed round and tips for pitching to investors.

Afterwards, Summer Catalyst participants joined a special coffee chat with Juan Giraldo MBA ’18, and co-founder of Waku. During this session, Juan shared his story, provided helpful advice, and spoke about the importance of knowing your “why” during these times.  


On day four, Aria Mustary ’21 was in the Hot Seat pitching Mai Soli, a foundation that revolutionizes how the problem of child marriage is solved through entrepreneurship. In the rebuild session, Mai Soli received immediate feedback to improve and strengthen the pitch.

Later in the day, more Summer Catalyst participants grabbed a cup of coffee and engaged in a discussion with Juan Giraldo.

What’s in store for next week?

For Week 7, teams will engage in Hot Seat sessions, Team Updates, and Creative Consultations. They will also have the opportunity to explore legal topics during events with attorneys including: Lunch & Learn with Jeremy Halpern and Office Hours with Dinesh Melwani, Will Perkins, and Ben Howe.