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2019 B.E.T.A. Challenge Finalists!

2018 Undergraduate B.E.T.A. Challenge winner cleancult with Dean Lapp and Debi Kleiman

The Blank Center is pleased to announce the 2019 B.E.T.A. Challenge finalists! Watch the nine startups pitch in front of a panel of judges for their share of over $300,000 in cash and prizes on Thursday, April 11 during the B.E.T.A. Challenge Finale.

In celebration of Babson’s Centennial, three additional awards will be given during the finale:

• High Impact Female Founder Award
• Social Impact Award
• Centennial Award

Who are this year’s finalists?

Alumni Challenge
Artyfactos is a socially and environmentally responsible business that offers jewelry and other products made out of orange peel and seeds, while developing vulnerable artisan women for whom this is their primary source of income.
Angela Sanchez MBA’11 and Jaime Gomez

Forefront is a corporate education company making it easier for businesses and their employees to foster diverse and inclusive cultures.
Yulkendy Valdez ’17 and Josuel Plasencia ’17

PerkZilla changes the advertising landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a self-service platform that converts visitors into brand advocates, by rewarding users for sharing and promoting the brand within their networks.
James Cantoni ’17, Jeremy Gislason, and Simon Hodgkinson

Graduate Challenge
Dottie is a living assistant device that helps people with memory loss remember important items when they leave the house while communicating important medical and behavioral information to their doctors.
Meagan Priest MS’19 and Oscar Flores MS’19

Monitaur is a remote water monitoring system for high-rise residential buildings that measures leaks by the drop to save the environment and by the gallon to save billions of dollars in water damage.
Jose Lorido MBA’20, Ricardo Aitken MBA’20, and David Restainer MBA’20

Taylor Custom Rings designs rings with mine-free diamonds and pure recycled metals for the socially conscious consumer.
Ashley Taylor MBA’20 and Jerry Taylor

Undergraduate Challenge
LOU makes it easy for software companies to upgrade their lengthy help centers with code-free interactive tutorials that boost adoption by guiding users through their work.
Rachel Pardue ’19 and Kyle Lawson ’18

TastePal tailors physical stores to consumer preferences.
Ralph Haddad ’20 and Maria Kahale

Yad a social enterprise that aims to empower people with disabilities by allowing them to express themselves through art and profit from their work.
Deborah Cohen ’19

See you on Thursday, April 11 starting at 5pm! Hashtag for the event is #babsonbeta