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2019 B.E.T.A. Challenge Semifinalists!

Gentle at the 2018 Venture Expo

The Blank Center is pleased to announce the 2019 B.E.T.A. Challenge semifinalists. Meet the entrepreneurs on Wednesday, April 3 at 4:30pm in Olin Hall at the Venture Expo! Register now >>

Alumni Challenge
Artyfactos (Angela Sanchez MBA’11 and Jaime Gomez)
Forefront (Yulkendy Valdez ’17 and Josuel Plasencia ’17)
Legably (San Dahan MBA’17, Daniel Reilly, and Bill Maya)
PerkZilla (James Cantoni ’17, Jeremy Gislason, and Simon Hodgkinson)
Pikurate (Elvis Ge MBA’17 and Leo Song MBA’17)

Graduate Challenge
BikeLord (Jake Maude MBA’19 and Ty Filsinger ’19)
Dottie (Meagan Priest MS’19 and Oscar Flores MS’19)
Jiwo Paro (Dancan Ogendo Onyango MBA’20)
Monitaur (Jose Lorido MBA’20, Ricardo Aitken MBA’20, and David Restainer MBA’20)
Tax Advisor Inc. (Thiago de Faria Dias MS’19, Victor Moura, and Leandro Santos)
Taylor Custom Rings (Ashley Taylor MBA’20 and Jerry Taylor)

Undergraduate Challenge
Goba Tea (Noah Doris ’20 and Byron D’Mello)
LOU (Rachel Pardue ’19 and Kyle Lawson ’18)
Nectar CBD Superdrink (Trevor Grode ’19, Ryan MacDonell ’19, Jack Rokous ’20, and Roberto Salinas ’19)
Smask (Dillon Galynsky ’20 and Leny Prog)
TastePal (Ralph Haddad ’20 and Maria Kahale)
Yad (Deborah Cohen ’19)

See you on Wednesday, April 3 at 4:30pm in Olin Hall! Hashtag for the event is #babsonbeta