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Entrepreneur Summer Resources 2018

The following post is from Cindy Klein Marmer, Associate Director of the Butler Launch Pad program.

Are you a Babson student or alum looking for resources to help you get your business off the ground this summer?

We will be accepting new members for the Launch Pad in September.  In the meantime, you can still engage with the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship and gain access to entrepreneur resources.  Your first step is to create a profile on StartupTree and then complete the brief mailing list form.  By doing this, we will give you access to the following resource options to help you move your business forward:

Visit the Launch Pad pages of Blackboard for How 2 Tuesday sessions such as How to Divide Equity Amongst Your Co-founders or How to Understand SEO. Available offerings will walk you through these topics as well as past workshops that cover topics such as sales, running a digital marketing campaign, validating your idea, and even understanding investment terms.

Connect with other entrepreneurs from Babson and a host of other schools across the country through the StartupTree platform. From StartupTree, you can also reach out to a mentor to ask for guidance on a specific topic, access resources, events and jobs. For Butler Launch Pad web resources including HubSpot discounts and access to our Accounting and Legal Sponsors, check out StartupTree Babson Curated Resources.

You have access to co-working space at Babson’s Wellesley campus on the ground floor of the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship Monday-Friday from 7am – 9pm.  For storage needs, please email Nancy McCarthy about our lockers on the ground floor of the Blank Center.

If you have launched your business with either a beta version or full saleable product/service, you can utilize BASE (Babson Alumni Supporting Entrepreneurs) for issue-specific coaching.

Have questions or need advising? Cindy Marmer will be holding regularly scheduled office hours throughout the summer.  When in doubt about whether a resource is available or even next steps for moving your business forward, email Cindy Marmer.