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#How2Tuesday: How 2 Understand SEO

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, March 6 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room: How to Understand SEO with Kerri Koncius ’01, founder of Koncius Digital Marketing!

Are you new to SEO? Or want a refresher? During this session, Kerri will cover the basics, including:

  • How To Optimize Your Website for Organic Search (SEO)
  • Discover the fundamentals of organic search and the main elements of an SEO strategy
  • Learn how to write optimized content that is valuable to your users
  • Find out what tools are available to help you with your SEO efforts

About Kerri Koncius ’01
Kerri began her digital marketing career at the premier digital marketing agency, iProspect. There, she worked with high-profile clients such as Merck, the New England Journal of Medicine, Humana, Sharp Electronics, Constant Contact, and more. After iProspect, Kerri moved on to the client side, developing and executing online marketing strategies in-house for both LogMeIn and EMC Corporation. She always aspired to start her own business, thanks to an entrepreneurial education at Babson College, and thus founded Koncius Digital Marketing in February 2012.

See you on Tuesday, March 6 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room!

What are #How2Tuesdays?:
Want to learn something really practical to get your startup moving in the right direction? #How2Tuesdays are short, workshop style sessions meant to bring you very specific, user friendly instruction on some of the most important things you need to know how to do for your venture. Every Tuesday at 5pm in the Blank Center!