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Join the Blank Center for eSports Panel Discussion

eSports have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Professional eSports teams are popping up, major brands are clamoring for sponsorship opportunities and fans are filling massive stadiums to watch tournaments while millions of others stream the content from their devices. Experts estimate that eSports revenue could reach $1.5 billion by 2020 – securing its stature as a force in sports, technology and media.

Join the Blank Center at Babson’s Boston Campus on Thursday, March 1, for a panel discussion on the current landscape of the eSports industry, a view of where it is heading, and the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face as they start new ventures in this field. Panelists will discuss various aspects of eSports ranging from technology to regulatory issues to their experiences as entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in the eSports world. Register now >>

Speakers include: Jim Ferris, Managing Director, CTLX Gaming; Mike Sepso, SVP, Activision Blizzard; Co-Founder, Major League Gaming; Jack Steele, Partner, Pierce Atwood LLC (Moderator); and Joe Zhou, Co-Founder & CEO,

See you on Thursday, March 1 at Babson’s Boston Campus!