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Angeli Tarsadia Reddy: Blank Center Advisory Board Member Profile

Angeli Tarsadia Reddy ’09

Angeli Tarsadia Reddy ’09 is the Head of New Ventures at T2 Hospitality, her family business. After graduating from Babson with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Angeli gained experience in hospitality at Hilton Hotels and founded her own fashion brand! Her diverse skill set is an invaluable asset to the Blank Center’s Advisory Board.

When did you graduate from Babson? What was the entrepreneurship scene like at the time?
When I graduated in 2009, the entrepreneurship scene was diverse and most of my friends from eTower were starting businesses. In addition, Kairos Society was formed while I was a student and I took the opportunity to join when a classmate brought the organization to campus. There were other entrepreneurial events that allowed me to network with entrepreneurs both on and off-campus.

What did you do after graduating?
After graduating, I engaged in a rotational management training program with Hilton Hotels. The program was designed with the end goal of developing a working knowledge of each department in a hotel. The experience was invaluable to me as I acquired the necessary experience to begin to understand the business that my family had built.

One of the reasons I came to Babson was because of my family’s business in hospitality. I had always assumed that I would start something of my own or join the family business, T2 Hospitality (previously Tarsadia Hotels). Working with Hilton was a great starting point for me as I explored my interests.

What is your greatest entrepreneurial achievement?
Resilience. I founded and operated a direct to consumer fashion brand for four years before moving into a consulting role at a high-end fashion brand called Sabine Luise. Being a first-time entrepreneur, I was given the opportunity to learn a lot about business and myself. I quickly found that taking the lessons learned and applying them to Sabine Luise paid off as we broke even within 4 months.

What motivates you?
There is an innate drive inside of me thanks to my grandfather, father, and uncle, who are also huge motivations and inspirations for me. Growing up, I saw them work 24/7. They started the family business in 1976 with one motel and with a lot of hard work and grit they grew the portfolio to include numerous hotels. At one point, the business became one of the largest privately-owned hotel companies in the country.

They have always encouraged me to work hard and pursue my dreams and I hope I can make them proud one day.

What do you do for fun?
I love hanging out with friends and family. I also enjoy running, going to the beach, doing yoga, and hiking.

Describe yourself in four words.
Optimistic, driven, energetic, and entrepreneurial.

What is your definition of entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship can take many forms. For me, it is the typical idea of running a business, figuring out your own path, and pivoting when necessary. Even if you land on your face, you get back up and keep charging forward. Entrepreneurship can mean freedom, as this path can give you the opportunity to control your own destiny.

What does the world need from entrepreneurs today?
The world needs more women entrepreneurs. I love the energy and the momentum that is being created today but I think we can continue to do more to support each other.

Last year, TechCrunch released an article that contained the statistic that only 17 percent of venture-backed startups had a female founder. In addition, the number had been completely flat for the last five years. I personally look for female founders to help scale their business and make an impact in a world that is often not built to help them succeed.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs?
Be mindful of what you’re creating. Develop the right tools for your success, have a solid plan, test everything, take baby steps, and go from there. Once you hit your stride, there’s no stopping you.

What excites you about being on the Blank Center’s Advisory Board?
It’s exciting to have a voice on the other side of the table. We get to ask students what they need and help shape their experiences in things like the Summer Venture Program. I’m looking forward to learning more and having productive conversations with my fellow board members and creating meaningful change.