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Babson student featured as IDEA Blogger for IES Abroad

Babson Junior Aidan Dennis studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this past Fall and was selected as an IDEA Correspondent (Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad) for IES Abroad, Babson’s education abroad partner.  IDEA correspondents represent students from diverse backgrounds and they share their experiences studying abroad through their own unique lens of diverse personal experiences.

See below Aidan’s reflection about contributing to IES as an IDEA correspondent and the link to his blog:

It was amazing to be able to supplement my study abroad experience with being an IDEA Blogger for IES Abroad. An IDEA Blogger is a part of the Initiative to Diversify Education Abroad and we have to reflect on our identity by sharing how it intersects with our study abroad experience. It allowed me to dig deeper in analyzing my study abroad experience and it was one of the greatest learning experiences I had while doing the Emerging Economies program.

See here Aidan’s final blog post: Reflecting on 102 Days Abroad

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