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Who am I? What do I want to do? Why?

Ryo Shibasaki MBA’19

The following post is from Ryo Shibasaki MBA’19, founder of Path to Success. Path to Success realizes that there is a world where people have equal opportunities to tackle with new challenges.  Their first product aims to help people learn English.

During the university I qualified as a CPA, and then obtained a position at Ernst & Young. Optimistic about my future, I met a student from a single-mother family who told me she had to give up becoming a medical professional because her mother had told her that the family could not afford it. Recognizing my own good fortune, I also realized that many people have to give up their dreams due to circumstances they cannot control. This made me strongly aspire to create a world where every person has equal opportunities to tackle new challenges regardless of their circumstances or background. However, without a clue about how to realize this, I decided to solidify my business foundation by pursuing a career in accounting first.

I started working as an auditor in the IPO division at EY then invited by one of my clients, a smartphone venture company, to join them and aim for IPO together. 2 years later, we successfully achieved IPO. After accomplishing my role in the accounting division, I transferred to the investment division, reporting to CFO directly. The company expanded its business dramatically and globally in a few years, which made me truly realized the importance of English.

I could hardly speak English at that time. Also, I did not forget my dream to be an entrepreneur to create a better world. In July 2016, I quit my job and decided to improve my English and pursue an MBA abroad. Finally, I was accepted by Babson, the best school to foster entrepreneurial mind.

During the MBA and after graduating from Babson, I aspire to create a platform to help people realize their dreams. Now, using social networks and sites such as TripAdvisor and Google Map, people enjoy sharing their opinions and experiences on the Internet, and those sharing definitely help other people to enrich their lives. Likewise, I want to create a platform for people to share know-how about learning and how to realize their goals. I intend to gather best practices from around the world and arrange them systematically, thereby helping people to find their own best teachers, schools, textbooks, and study methods.

I started from a small area, a language education platform, from English. Since the average TOEFL score of Japanese is 26th out of 30 countries in Asia, I believe it is necessary to improve the overall English proficiency in Japan. The platform will help not only Japanese, but also other English learners in any corner of the world with limited access to excellent education resources.

After that, I will expand the language to Chinese, German, Spanish etc. and make more successful examples. Leveraging this, I will expand to cover a wide variety of professions, including nursing, engineering, design, and even piano, making it a platform to help people realize any goals and to change the world for the better.

Are you a non-native English speaker and would you like to share your experience in learning English? Contact me. Your Experience will help other people to pave their own path to success.

もし、あなたが日本人で、英語の勉強に苦労していたら、是非私のWEBサイトに来てみてください。 英語学習の先輩達が、どう英語を勉強し、どの教材を使い、どう英語を上達させたのかわかります。あなたの目標を達成してください。そして、あなたの英語学習の成功・失敗体験をシェアしてください。