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#How2Tuesday: How to Source and Import Goods from Overseas

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, October 17 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room: How to Source and Import Goods from Overseas with John Busch! Please note we’re back in the Blank Center for the rest of the semester!

From a small office in Waltham, Acquest Company sourced and imported $71MM dollars of goods over the past 12 years, ranging from fashion goods to wood burning stoves to folding bicycles, and many more items.  In the process, we had to learn to identify and qualify factories, implement quality control procedures, deal with export and import bureaucracies, manage schedules and logistics…not to mention how to pay and get paid!  Dr. Busch, the owner and founder of Acquest will share his experiences and answer your questions.  Sourcing and trading are the foundation of the most ancient of businesses.

John Busch

About John Busch
Dr. John Busch is President and founder of Acquest Company, LLC, an importer of mechanical goods for industrial customers. Dr. Busch’s obsession with taking things apart (and, much later, putting them back together again) makes him a natural engineer. He followed this curiosity all the way to MIT, where he earned a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Management of Information Systems. After a few years spent contributing to the design of NASA space suits, he started his first company, and has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscles ever since. He travels frequently to China for business and occasionally for pleasure; in early 2012, he spent 10 days biking in the rural Guangxi Province.

See you on Tuesday, October 17 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room!

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