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Grow with Google for Startups and Businesses

Join us on Thursday, October 5 as the experts from Google share their deep knowledge around digital marketing for startups This event is for launched startups, not concepts. Register now >>

Running a startup or establishing digital presence for your established business is no walk in the park. Amidst managing financials and day-to-day operations, founders often neglect marketing, and thus slow their company’s growth. Knowing which digital marketing channels work best for your business can save you time and money and take your business to the next level. Ultimately, the sophistication of a startup’s growth plan can be a crucial factor in the VC fundraising process and a crucial factor in the expansion of an established business.

During this event, we will hear from multiple speakers, including digital experts & practitioners, Google team members, and entrepreneurs. We’ll tackle subjects like:

  • How to grow your startup through digital marketing channels, and how to optimize paid customer acquisition
  • State of the digital landscape, from Google’s perspective
  • Driving traffic and new customer acquisitions with digital PR
  • Using SEO to improve your ROI
  • Producing content that nurtures your leads and drives conversions
  • Tracking and analytics – when to invest more and when to move

See you on Thursday, October 5 at 3pm in Olin 101!