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Entrepreneurship Faculty Profile: Angela Randolph

I first met Professor Angela Randolph when she was applying to work at Babson. During this invite-only session, Professor Randolph discussed how entrepreneurial ideas comes from identifying problems consumers have and brainstorming creative solutions to add value. Now, almost two years later, Babson is fortunate to have Professor Randolph share these skills and tactics to not just a select group, but to many students of all ages.

Angela Randolph

What is your role at Babson? How long have you been at Babson?
I am Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and currently Faculty Director of Babson’s Summer Study program. I joined Babson fall of 2015, so it’s going to be two years!

Why did you come to Babson?
There are several reasons why I came to Babson. The first is that there is a strong entrepreneurship culture. You see it within the students, faculty, staff. People work together and help each other out; it’s very collaborative. Another reason why I came is that the people here are phenomenal. It’s such a privilege to work with people you admire. The fact that Babson’s entrepreneurship program is so big for a small school is remarkable. I also get to see people start their businesses, so I still get to feel that excitement of being a founder.

What classes do you teach?
I teach FME (Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship) during the academic year and Summer Study in the summer. I also occasionally teach executives through Babson’s Executive Education.

What area of research do you focus on?
My research within entrepreneurship is the intersection of entrepreneurial cognition, individual characteristics and behavior. I am interested in understanding why entrepreneurs approach the entrepreneurial process differently. What influences the decisions entrepreneurs make and the actions they take during the entrepreneurial process?

What is your definition of entrepreneurship?
Decision making under uncertainty. There is more to it, but that’s where it starts. Once you make a decision, you still have to act, and as you act, you gain information.

What does the world need from entrepreneurs today?
The first thing that came to mind is “make change.” Entrepreneurs should create positive impact on society. The impact can be a combination of social, environmental and economic.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs?
Pursue something that you’re interested in: think more about why you are interested in starting this opportunity instead of just the outcomes. A lot of people are too focused on only the results. Don’t think about the final outcome, think about the journey as many steps with multiple milestones and enjoy it.

What do you think makes Babson unique?
The people and culture are what makes Babson unique. I’m so inspired by the faculty, staff and students. The people that are here want to make the world better. To see the impact that individuals have is amazing. The fact that Babson encourages people to try new things makes our community unique.

What do you do for fun?
Whatever my kids make me do! I’ve been playing a lot of miniature golf this summer. I also enjoy unwinding in the company of good friends.

Describe yourself in four words.
Resourceful, determined, helpful, and pragmatic.

Anything else people should know?
Anytime there’s a disappointment in life, there is always something good that come out of it. You might not see it today, or later in the future; just know that something good will come.