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BabsonARTS Appreciation Farewell

Less than a day until graduation and as I await for the bittersweet ending, I want to reflect upon my experience as the marketing intern for BabsonARTS. Coming from New York City where theatrical performances are endless and music is what keeps the city beating, my appreciation for the arts was nonetheless an avenue that I wanted to further explore at Babson. Interestingly enough, I actually never considered myself to be creative, even less as artistic simply due to being more on the observing and appreciative end of the spectrum. Fortunately, I have been able to push my creative skills to practice at BabsonARTS through the creation of promotional content for events, interactions with student life on campus, and marketing of the BabsonARTS brand as a whole. 

One of the many qualities that I appreciate about my BabsonARTS internship was being able to apply the lessons that I learned from my marketing courses. My media studies course emphasized how we currently live in a world with an overwhelming media environment where it is easy for people to be inundated with information and entertainment. However, my brand management course taught me that social media can be utilized to highlight brand values and personalities as to leverage the brand’s interactions with its target audience.  When analyzing student behaviors on campus it was not surprising to discover that students rely on Facebook as a means for obtaining knowledge of campus activities.

By having the freedom to co-manage the BabsonARTS Facebook platform, it drove me to fully understand what it takes to engage students with a heavy business mindset already instilled. To make sure that each event’s uniqueness was captured by even those outside of the BabsonARTS community, I considered each show a personality of its own. This spring the Sorenson Theater hosted Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s grand production of Our American Hamlet. Being exposed to theater on Broadway, I wanted the same thrilling sentiment to be communicated when making promotional advertisements for Our American Hamlet and later on for Beckett in Brief.

I carried this same excitement when making other marketing content and posting on the BabsonARTS Facebook page. Even though my time at Babson is close to an end, I look forward to pursuing my passions for marketing in the entertainment industry! Thank you so much everyone from the BabsonARTS team for inspiring me to explore other skills and always welcoming me with open arms!